Different Types of Condos in Singapore

Life in a Condo is considered to be safe and secure than the life that one live at personal property. The main reason is that there you get modern amenities along with security of 24 hours. In big cities like Singapore it is quite natural that there are different types of people and all of them cannot afford the same type of condo to live in. there are many condos like Forest Woods that promises a high quality life to individuals.

different types of condos in singapore

Hence, in Singapore, condominiums are classified into three different categories. Depending upon the areas and the financial aspect of individuals there are mass market condos, mid-market condos and luxury or the high end condos. The mass market condos are located in suburbs and the luxurious condos are located in prestigious areas.

Mass Market Condos

Mostly mass market condos are found in suburbs where the cost of living is not as high as proper city. These types of condos starts from $600 psf, however this may vary with time and on other constraints. It provides basic facilities to its residents that include gymnasium, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, car park, BBQ areas, and 24-hours security.

Mid-Market Condos

The mid-market condos are located near the prime location of the city. Although they may not be in the prestigious areas but they are nearby. In mid-market condos you will get more facilities than the mass market condos. Some additional facilities that you can get there are fitness corner, tennis and squash courts, sauna, Yoga Pavilion, and basement car park.

High-End Condos

High End condos are mainly located at the prime district 9 – 11. The price of such condos starts generally from $1000 psf. Apart from the facilities offered by the mid-market condos at high end condos you will get better security and amenities. You can get proximity to good schools and other necessities to live life.

Reasons to Choose Lake Grande condo

Looking for a place to stay where convenience to everything is not a problem? Why don’t you choose Lake Grande condo by MCL Land? Let me tell you some of the reasons for choosing Lake Grande as your residential condominium.

reasons to choose lake grande condo

  1. Located in convenient Jurong Lake district
    Lake Grande is located at Jurong is known for being the lead model for Singapore. It is a place where everything is undergoing development; you might as well like to be part of an evolving and developing community.
  2. Lakeside MRT & Chinese Garden MRT
    Looking for transportation convenience? You can also find it here. Lake Grande is located near MRT stations that are convenient for everyone especially going to school, work or even having a road trip. You won’t worry about getting late.
  3. Close proximity to major shopping malls
    The place is also close to different malls and every time you would want to stroll, you’ll be there in no time. The malls that are close to Lake Grand are JCube, IMM, JEM, Westgate, Large Box, West Mall and Jurong Point.
  4. Good investment for rental
    This is the right place for you to start your business if you are a businessman and looking for a place to rent a space for your business. The condominium is located where most people stroll around. More people means more customers. Rent a space and earn in your own convenience.
  5. Communal facilities provided for your enjoyment and entertainment
    The place will not only provide convenience but also a source of relaxation. It is available for family time and family bonding. Enjoy weekends together and be entertained.
  6. Provided with contemporary, branded and stylish interior decorations.
    The condominium provides a cozy environment for the whole family to enjoy. Whatever you will see is pleasurable to the eye.

Stars of Kovan: the new dimension in residential development

The Stars of Kovan is an upcoming condominium project coming up in Singapore. It is located at the junction of Tampines Road and upper Serangoon Road, in District 19. According to the construction agency this residency is going to be one of the most iconic developments in that area.

Proposed area for Stars of Kovan

The proposed project will be a mixed development along with residential facilities that will be launched in 2016. It has a 99 years leasehold development covers about 108,686 sqm. It will comprise of 45 commercial shops including retail shops which are proposed to be at the first level. Along with it, there will be 395 residential blocks rather units along with condominium facilities.

Location of Stars of Kovan

Stars of Kovan situated in one of the most suitable and desired locations of Singapore. It is open to a whole new level of comfort. Transportation, recreational, other amenities and established schools are within a moments reach from this complex. Kovan MRT station is at a strolling distance from here, and it is just beside Serangoon MRT interchange and NEX Maga Mall. The location of the complex is one of its biggest USPs.

There are a number of notable schools around the place like Xinmin Primary and Secondary School, Cedar Primary and Secondary School, Stamford American International School, etc. So this residency can prove to be very beneficial for families who have school going children. Not only primary schools, but there are also established institutions for higher education as well in the vicinity. Besides the educational institutions, recreational areas are also within a short driving distance from this place.

It is due to the location of Stars of Kovan that makes it a hot property and probably the biggest project that will be coming up in 2016. It is almost the centre of attraction surrounded with recreational and educational facilities.

Book the Sturdee residence before they are finished off

If you have the location knowledge of the Singapore you will certainly know that the Sturdy road is just 300 meter from the city square mall. The place is very close to the super market, food court, cinema hall and the movie hall, beverage and the other outlets are too near the place. The place is open 24 hours for the shopping. You may dream of getting a home there after reading this. To be frank the price of the ready-made home in the place are huge and they may be beyond the means of you. Still there is good news. The Sturdee residence condo is coming up and you can definitely book a home there.

book the sturdee residence before they are finished off

Food courts and market nearby

There are so many food courts near the place that you will surely be excited if you are a foodie guy. The famous Mustafa shopping centre is just 400 meter away. Other shopping malls near the place are the Albert complex, Golden Mile complex and many more. The Sturdee residence is the best upcoming project that you can say. It is a matter of huge discussion at present.

Other opportunities

There are more opportunities. The local education institution is also too near and you do not have to travel a lot to reach your wards’ School. There is Farrer Park primary school nearby. There are also the famous schools like the Hong Wen School, Stamford Primary School and so many are there.

Future Developments nearby

There area is an also developing at a very fast pace. The project will be handed in the 2017. By that time you will find so many projects and the facilities are lined up for you. The place of the Sturdee residence is certainly going to be one of the most aristocrat places of the Singapore. So you better get the residence booked before they finish up.

Where exactly is Centrium square? And why is it considered best for commercial buildings?

The best way to choose and property for a commercial office building is to seek professional help. Only a well-experienced person will be able to tell you the details of what you should consider while purchasing a commercial office space. One of the best examples of this kind of purpose would be Centrium Square. This place is situated in the heart of Singapore and has all the necessities and basic requirements near this place.

where exactly is centrium square and why is it considered best for commercial buildings

The number one criteria would be not to lose your mind while searching for a place. There are thousands of such places, and you are sure to find one of them. This article gives you the detail of one such place in Singapore, and that is the Centrium Square.

The location is important from a business aspect

If you do not end up with the right kind of commercial space, then you might suffer a huge loss in your business. The location is the first and foremost criteria why customers are attracted to your office building. If the place is not easily accessible to major highways and expressways, then it is quite natural that only a few number of people will be willing to visit it.

The exact location of Centrium Square

Centrium square is located in the heart of the Central Region of Serangoon Road of district 08. The place has numerous offices and TBA stores. Situated right beside the Park MRT station, this place is very suitable for easy transportation. The area of the plot is round about 68,521 sq. ft. But the total area of this land is about 205,563 sq. ft.

Entertainment facility is also there

Centrium Square is situated nearby many shopping malls and many entertainment places. Famous plaza and the City Square Mall is also right nearby, this helps in the business matters to a huge extent.

POIZ Residences: Making Dreams Reality for your living world

House is one of the most important investments a person holds and thus requires a lot of consciousness and research work on the part of an individual before taking any decision. A lot of buyer specification is involved while buying a house.

poiz residences making dreams reality for your living world

The Poiz residences are located next to Potong Pasir MRT station in Singapore. The most important criteria looked in to be:

  • You must check if there are any pending legal cases against the property.
  • The reputation that the builder holds regarding the promptness in delivery and quality standards.
  • The location of the property as desired.
  • Understand the real features and specifications of the property.
  • The loan facility as provided including the rate of interest offered and the agreement details.
  • The extra hidden costs if any included in the property cost and the additional payments like club membership fees, maintenance charges, preferred location charges, transformer charges, stamp duty etc.
  • Other similar options with better facilities.

About POIZ

Poiz Residences provides great amenities, extra facility and great comfort assured. Luxurious apartments are available at affordable prices. The value for money deal is here and you can buy houses at prices which are really worth paying for the location and facilities provided would be worth the sum paid. The Various facilities are:

  • Good pricing as per the size of the bedroom
  • The developers are reputed
  • Easy accesses to any place anywhere as great means of transport are available.
  • The shopping malls , dining and entertainment malls are easily accessible due to central location


The location of the Poiz Residences near the MRT station offers a great advantage to the people as easy connectivity to other parts of the city is easily available and convenience in other forms like easy availability of all essential commodities nearby is an add-on.

Why you will choose Skies 39 Condo?

When you talk about the best condominiums in Toa Payoh then Skies 39 Condo can surely be considered as one of them. Having 578 units this is one of the largest condos in the city. Inside you will get all sorts of luxurious options. The floors are fabulous. The location is just amazing because of the transportation and other facilities. So, overall it is one of the best places where you can live.

why you will choose skies 39 condo

What you can expect

You will get to see the swimming pool, fitness centre, tennis court, BBQ, Yoga room, playground for children and many other such luxurious facilities inside the premises. So staying here will surely be peaceful and satisfying for you. Having all of the famous restaurants and shopping malls nearby the outer side entertainment options are also present in plenty of numbers.

Transport Facilities

Starting from the railway station to all sorts of expressways to the airports every single option is very much near from the private Condo. You need to keep in mind that if transportation is one of the major issues for you then this place will be just the perfect one which you can choose for a living. Even the floor plan is still not complete. So, for having information about you need to give your e-mail address to them. When the floor plan is over they will inform you about it.

Other facilities

There are plenty of shopping malls which you can find out nearby this Condo.

  • You can do shopping together quite easily over there. There are other famous tourist spots also.
  • It is a perfect place for both who wants to get entertainment and who wants to have peace.
  • The blend of nature and modern entertainment options is available here.

Overall, if you talk about the new launches in Singapore which luxury is the last word then Skies 39 Condo can be considered as one of the best options that you can choose for living with your family.

Why you will purchase an apartment in The Peak Residences?

When you think of buying a luxurious apartment there are plenty of things go through your mind but The Peak Residences can be considered as one of the best solutions for this. Similar to The Bridge Cambodia, this wonderful mixed development project is done in the heart of the city of Phnom Penh and its wonderful location will surely be one of the reasons for which you will like to have an apartment in this development project.

why you will purchase an apartment in the peak residences

Budget within reach:

To buy a luxurious apartment can be a dream for many people. However, whenever you think of buying such an apartment the first and foremost thing which comes into your mind is the budget. However, when you think of buying an apartment in The Peak at Cambodia you don’t need to worry about your budget because the apartment can be bough within a reasonable budget. With that now you will get discount for the same which has made it easier for you to invest your money for the same.

Things to look for:

There are plenty of thing which you can enjoy from The Peak @ Cambodia.

  • You will get the panoramic view of the whole city from the apartments of this development project.
  • If your eyes like the greenery and nature then this place will just be the perfect place on this earth to live.
  • You will get to see the Esplanade River from the apartment and at the same time the skyline view of the city will be another thing that you will enjoy from here.


There are plenty of other facilities which you will enjoy in this mixed development project.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Ballroom

There are many other entertainment options inside the development project for which you will want to have an apartment here. So, if you are thinking for investing in any new apartment where you want to live The Peak Residences at Cambodia will surely be one of the best options to choose for.