Different Types of Condos in Singapore

Life in a Condo is considered to be safe and secure than the life that one live at personal property. The main reason is that there you get modern amenities along with security of 24 hours. In big cities like Singapore it is quite natural that there are different types of people and all of them cannot afford the same type of condo to live in. there are many condos like Forest Woods that promises a high quality life to individuals.

different types of condos in singapore

Hence, in Singapore, condominiums are classified into three different categories. Depending upon the areas and the financial aspect of individuals there are mass market condos, mid-market condos and luxury or the high end condos. The mass market condos are located in suburbs and the luxurious condos are located in prestigious areas.

Mass Market Condos

Mostly mass market condos are found in suburbs where the cost of living is not as high as proper city. These types of condos starts from $600 psf, however this may vary with time and on other constraints. It provides basic facilities to its residents that include gymnasium, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, car park, BBQ areas, and 24-hours security.

Mid-Market Condos

The mid-market condos are located near the prime location of the city. Although they may not be in the prestigious areas but they are nearby. In mid-market condos you will get more facilities than the mass market condos. Some additional facilities that you can get there are fitness corner, tennis and squash courts, sauna, Yoga Pavilion, and basement car park.

High-End Condos

High End condos are mainly located at the prime district 9 – 11. The price of such condos starts generally from $1000 psf. Apart from the facilities offered by the mid-market condos at high end condos you will get better security and amenities. You can get proximity to good schools and other necessities to live life.