Reasons to Choose Lake Grande condo

Looking for a place to stay where convenience to everything is not a problem? Why don’t you choose Lake Grande condo by MCL Land? Let me tell you some of the reasons for choosing Lake Grande as your residential condominium.

reasons to choose lake grande condo

  1. Located in convenient Jurong Lake district
    Lake Grande is located at Jurong is known for being the lead model for Singapore. It is a place where everything is undergoing development; you might as well like to be part of an evolving and developing community.
  2. Lakeside MRT & Chinese Garden MRT
    Looking for transportation convenience? You can also find it here. Lake Grande is located near MRT stations that are convenient for everyone especially going to school, work or even having a road trip. You won’t worry about getting late.
  3. Close proximity to major shopping malls
    The place is also close to different malls and every time you would want to stroll, you’ll be there in no time. The malls that are close to Lake Grand are JCube, IMM, JEM, Westgate, Large Box, West Mall and Jurong Point.
  4. Good investment for rental
    This is the right place for you to start your business if you are a businessman and looking for a place to rent a space for your business. The condominium is located where most people stroll around. More people means more customers. Rent a space and earn in your own convenience.
  5. Communal facilities provided for your enjoyment and entertainment
    The place will not only provide convenience but also a source of relaxation. It is available for family time and family bonding. Enjoy weekends together and be entertained.
  6. Provided with contemporary, branded and stylish interior decorations.
    The condominium provides a cozy environment for the whole family to enjoy. Whatever you will see is pleasurable to the eye.