Where exactly is Centrium square? And why is it considered best for commercial buildings?

The best way to choose and property for a commercial office building is to seek professional help. Only a well-experienced person will be able to tell you the details of what you should consider while purchasing a commercial office space. One of the best examples of this kind of purpose would be Centrium Square. This place is situated in the heart of Singapore and has all the necessities and basic requirements near this place.

where exactly is centrium square and why is it considered best for commercial buildings

The number one criteria would be not to lose your mind while searching for a place. There are thousands of such places, and you are sure to find one of them. This article gives you the detail of one such place in Singapore, and that is the Centrium Square.

The location is important from a business aspect

If you do not end up with the right kind of commercial space, then you might suffer a huge loss in your business. The location is the first and foremost criteria why customers are attracted to your office building. If the place is not easily accessible to major highways and expressways, then it is quite natural that only a few number of people will be willing to visit it.

The exact location of Centrium Square

Centrium square is located in the heart of the Central Region of Serangoon Road of district 08. The place has numerous offices and TBA stores. Situated right beside the Park MRT station, this place is very suitable for easy transportation. The area of the plot is round about 68,521 sq. ft. But the total area of this land is about 205,563 sq. ft.

Entertainment facility is also there

Centrium Square is situated nearby many shopping malls and many entertainment places. Famous plaza and the City Square Mall is also right nearby, this helps in the business matters to a huge extent.